Kenny "Gator" Loup and Colt
About me

I was the kid that his dad would say "Hey, there's a war movie on." and come running.  
As a kid, I dived head first into military history.  We would always have to stop at the
USS Alabama on our way to Florida.  I also got to visit the Seawolf Park and the Alamo
on vacation, too.  All things I want to share with my son.  When I found out that my
future brother-in-law was serving on the Nimitz, I was in hog heaven.  And the, once
they were married to be stationed at Pensacola NAS, oh boy.  I saw the old Lex when
they were still flying off her.  My interest has never swayed from military history.  
Modeling, I started with the USS Alabama (of course) and have built everything in
between.  Space, armor, aircraft, auto....everything.  But I've always gone back to ships
and planes that flew off ships.  I'm the head of the graphics and sign department for our
parish government.  I love creating artistically.  I guess that's why I like complex paint
schemes more than PE details.  I'm fortunate to have a wife that supports my hobby and
sees the joy in my being able to share my love for history with our son.
Kenny Loup
Builder of Historical Miniatures