Here’s what you will need
X-acto knife with new blade
Squeegee – You can get them at auto parts stores.
"Transfer" tape – Don’t let this throw you.  I use the paper medical tape you can get at the drug store.
A model, paints, airbrush
Gator’s Paint Masks

Step 2 - Prep
Step 1 in prep is to make sure the model is clean of dust and fingerprints.  
Step 2 is to wash your hands.  This is very important as oil and dust can affect the way the mask
sticks to the model.
Note: “As a sign painter, I have learned the hard way that you can never wash your hands too many

Step 3 – Cutting the Mask
Cut the mask you want to use apart from the sheet.
Make sure you don’t cut any other mask by accident!

Step 4 – Weeding the Mask
“Weeding” is pulling away the unwanted vinyl, in this case, everything that is white.  You’ll actually
get two mask here.
Be careful not to stick the vinyl your peeling away to any part of your mask.
Using a x-acto with a good point, carefully pull out the star and bars and place them on a small
piece of wax paper.  You will need these later on to mask off for the insignia blue.

Step 5 – Applying the Mask  Part 1 (One color painting)
This part of working with mask usually scares people the most, but don’t worry, it’s easy.
The preferred “transfer” tape to use is Transfer tape.  If you have a sign painter that can sell you a
roll of this, you’re doing great!
If you can’t get transfer tape, don’t worry, painter’s tape, preferably white, is the same thing.  Clear
contact paper can be used also, but place it on your jeans first to take some of the tacky out of it.
Cover the mask with “transfer” tape and rub it down with a squeegee.
Carefully remove the mask and place it on the model.
Peel away the tape and mask for paint.
Note: “When you paint your model, remember to use strokes as the actual painter did.  It will give
you a much more realistic insignia.”

Step 6 - Painting
Once you get the mask on, start painting your model.
Remember, mask as much of the rest of the model as you feel comfortable with.  You don’t want
any overspray.

Step 7 – Applying the Mask Part 2 (Two color painting)
Since our example is a US insignia, we will need to apply the blue next.
Make sure the base color is completely dry.
Note: “I place the model in the sun after it is dry to the touch.  With the Louisiana heat, it bakes hard
in just over an hour.”
Using your x-acto, carefully place the star and bar mask on the white field.
Take care not to scratch the white with the tip of you blade!
After lightly burnishing with your finger, you’re ready for the blue.

Step 8 – Removing the mask
Once the paint has dried to the touch, you can remove your mask.
Again, make sure you don’t scratch the paint with your x-acto knife.
Once all the masking is removed, you can weather you model as you normally would.
Note: “This works really well with Japanese hinomarus.  They chipped and and were retouched
How to use GPM